Happy New Year

Thursday 31 December 2009

Happy New Year everyone.  Happy new decade, on top, like a cherry.

A little early for you northerners, but for me here its lunchtime on the last day of the year.  This evening I venture over to my friend Jane's to see in the New Year on the beach in (hopefully) a thunderstorm :)

A new decade.  That feels nice and clean, doesn't it.  The last decade was pretty shite, to be completely honest with you.  And the past couple of weeks have been horrible too.  But now, as is sort of timely, the light is starting to chink through again now all the emotions are ebbing.  Time to look forward, to walk forward, to pay it forward.  To look forward after looking back and mourning what was.  A new start.

Here's hoping for a rich, beautiful and wisdom flowing decade of the tens. *Clink*


  1. my goodness, the new decade bit hadn't even registered in my brain - see, the heat turns me into a complete moron!

    enjoy the beachparty tonight
    we're heading to a dinner party after which we will walk down to the lake to watch the fireworks

    apparently if there's moisture in the air, the fireworks look even brighter :)

  2. Hey by the time you read this it will be 2010, you Aussies get to have everything before we northerners do. And enough with the celebrating on the beach thing, the only people going near the beach on New Years around here are going to the Polar Bear swim:) sigh...Another thing to put on the bucket list(no,no not the polar bear swim that is just crazy talk).
    We'll usher in the new year with the children and pull out a couple of flicks to watch with them. Cheers my friend from down under...

    Happy New Year..


  3. Happy New Decade, Sue. May this decade be better than last! (Even IF 2010 ushers in our 40's.)

  4. Cheers, delightfully outrageous cheers in the New Year to you, Sue. Let us who lag behind you some 12 hours or so know how different it is in the tens!

  5. The last 10 as far as the world stage goes was pretty bad.

    Personally things went much better for me than it did in the larger world.

  6. 2009 was the worst year of my life. I wish us all a happy, healthy new year.

  7. Happy New Year to all of you :)

    Kel - sounds like a nice way you spent NYE. We didn't venture onto the beach because of the rain. However, my friend lives on The Strand in Williamstown and so we sat out on the balcony (until the rain started coming in a little sideways). then we ventured to the spare room where we had a prime view of the fireworks in the city and Albert Park also. Lovely :)

    Jon - we do get everything first, don't we. Sorry 'bout that :) The Polar Bear swim? What is such a thing??? Hope you had a lovely ushering in of the NY with your family, Jon :)

    Erin - maybe even BECAUSE it ushers in our 40s. You never know, chicky! All that extra wisdom sloshing about ;)

    Barbara - ah, well, now you know yourself how different it is in the tens. Sort of ... the same! :) Outrageous cheers to you too, my dear.

    Kent - they were bad on the world stage, weren't they? Who knows what shall come in the next? Maybe some GOOD things on the world stage. That's not too far a stretch, now, is it? :)

    Barbara - I wish a safe and happy and healthy new year for you and yours, most certainly. You've had an absolute shocker. And really, you seem from here to have come through it pretty good considering (although I'm sure it probably doesn't feel like that on the inside :)

  8. My sister is being pedantic and tells me this won't be a new decade until the beginning of 2011, because we're still in the end of the old decade for this year. It's the same school of thought that said 2001 was the new millenium, not 2000. Well I have rude words to say about both things. This IS our new decade and I know that it will be every bit as challenging if not more as those that went before, AND therefore will give us all greater opportunities.

    Happy new decade!

  9. Oh, well, happy new decade despite pedantic sisters :) (That thought did go through my mind as well, but seeing as the whole calendar is a construction of some dude centuries ago, it doesn't really matter in the end :)

    You are right. It will be every bit as challenging. I love the way you see it - challenging = opportunities.


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