How Can the Beaches Accommodate ...

Sunday 3 January 2010

... the millions of people on dating sites who claim to love walks along them???

Haha :)  Yes, I have joined a couple of dating sites.  It makes me laugh, the things people write.  If every single person on every dating site was on the beach at once, the whole thing would cave in.  And every single person is honest on there too ~ the law of averages says someone's got to be telling some porkies* there :)

(Porky pie = lie)


  1. Oh, exciting, me too! Joined a dating site I mean not talked about walking along the beach!

  2. may you find a soulmate with sand between their toes :p

  3. Tess - wow, we seem to be sort of tracking along some of the same paths at the moment. Joining a dating site is a bit trepidatious, is it not? I had to sit there yesterday and define my boundaries to myself: no going out with someone just because they have asked you. Dating requires great honesty, sometimes it feels a little brutal, but it's necessary. Eeek :)

    Kel - thank you!! Haha :) Trying not to have too many expectations as those little buggers trip me up :)

  4. Is there enough itchy sand in the Sahara for all those "romantics"?
    I think I would rather spend a day reading a good book...
    Good on ya though, Sue, and best of luck to ya! I am not there yet (meaning ready to start dating again) I don't think, but maybe one day soon.

  5. Sabre - LOL. Well, I'd rather spend some days reading a book :) It's funny just how much timing is everything, isn't it. It's a good thing to know that you are not ready.

  6. Good for you! I want details on all the lucky lads you choose. Its so true that there are a lot of common "lines" people use in those profiles, very amusing. I consider myself an expert at online dating sites, being a pioneer from 2001 when people still thought they were where axe murders found their prey. If I can share one tiny bit of unsolicited advise it would be: don't get caught in the e-mail/IM trap. Get on the phone ASAP to see what the person is really like and save yourself a lot of time. :)

  7. Barbara - the lucky lads I choose? Well, that's a nice way of putting it, hah. Actually I feel funny rejecting people. I have had to say to myself, "all is fair in love and dating. You do not date people you do not want to out of any feelings of pity." Weird I have to say this to myself but it felt good to say it.

    I have rejected a few people already, "thanks but no thanks." All of them because they didn't seem to read my profile. A non-negotiable to me is to find someone who is regularly indulging their creativity. None of these people were. Don't people read???

    Axe murderers, lol. I think some people probably still do think that. I must admit it's gone through my own mind. Thank you for the advice. I think that must be something people DO get caught up in, yeah. I don't want to make that mistake. Thank you :)


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