The Black and the White

Friday 14 May 2010

The black:  on Tuesday I got an email from the people who I do transcription work for, telling me that my work has been so below par the previous few weeks that if I didn't lift my game, they would not be requiring my services anymore.  It was pretty nice to have my boyfriend there to blubber all over when I got that one.

The white:  the very next day I got an email from the editor at MX newspaper (the local freebie that is distributed at train stations) telling me he was printing one of my train stories!  Not for any payment, mind, but hey, money ain't everything, even when you're not sure how the hell you're going to pay your rent (again).  But wow, a whole stack of people read my words on Tuesday evening on the train.  That's some sort of (scary) buzz :)

Life, it just doesn't come out all neatly packaged in sitcom-sized portions, does it?  But there's always so much good going on that to be focussed on the negative dilutes the positive.  And the timing couldn't have been better for that second email; it sweetened the bitterness of the first.

And the first gave me an opportunity to understand a few things about myself, to redouble my work efforts (it is all hunky dorey on that front once again).  But even better, an opportunity to incrementally toughen up and suck it up when I'm criticised instead of taking it quite so personally;  that's a sore spot for me, unfortunately, but that is improving as I am getting older. I am so grateful for the people in my life who help me along to seeing things clearer when I'm wallowing in my weak spots;  there is just no possible price that can be placed on them.  They are, quite simply, priceless.


  1. life is so not a sitcom - neatly summed up in a half hour with lots of laughs along the way . . .

    so jazzed you got that published - woot!
    hone in on that energy and who you gonna pitch next? go on, you can do it . . .

  2. V good news about being published - you do so deserve that! Don't worry about people being a**eholes - I think there's a special management training course for that, these days... And it is good you have a shoulder to weep on, anyway!

  3. I think this accomplishment should boost your confidence. It's a step along the way, but being published in any way is no small feat!

  4. Congratulations on the printing! This is a great post and I love how you blend the black and white to make it not so much one or the other, but both/and...

    ...sometimes my life does, however, FEEL like a goofy sitcom ;)

  5. Great news on the printing. I too love the black/white theme. I'd also add that a) it can be really difficult to GIVE criticism and b) you've displayed great strength in 'sucking up' the criticism and taking action. The taking action part is where so many people just come unstuck. Good on you.

  6. Sorry, everyone, I seem to have forgotten to respond to you. Life is so much busier these days than it has been!

    Kel - You're so right about honing in on the energy :) I have actually sent two stories out recently. I have had the first rejection letter back from Meanjin, but meh :) I do think I will pitch some more to MX.

    Mike - yes, seems to be so much easier for us all to treat each other like crap these days, doesn't it? A graceless age. Thanks for the congrats :)

    Erin - thank you, my deyah. It is rather confidence boosting. Was weird to hear of my ex-husband's girlfriend reading it on the train, though :)

    Lucy - it was unintentional to blend black and white to create both/and. How delightful that I did that without realising it :) Your life feels like a GOOFY sitcom? Well, I guess that's better than it feeling like The Young and the Restless or something like that, haha :)

    Tess - I agree. It IS difficult to give criticism. I find it horribly difficult and always want to backtrack later. Thanks for the encouragement :) May as well use the criticism for something worthwhile, huh :)


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