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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

This morning is not one of the more pleasurable things I've seen over this long weekend.  But it's not so much what I'm seeing, as how it's feeling.  Granted, what I'm seeing ain't so pretty - there are giant boxes and bags of stuff all over my new abode, product of two households slowly comingling.  Keanu* the couch and Chair the chair are still upended in the dining area, along with my work table and art table, which stand in pieces and sideways respectively.  But that's all okay.  It will all get done.  Nothing is overwhelming me, the morning after a five-day weekend.

And it's sure purdy outside.  Pure autumnal weather.  The windows fogged up, the temperature gauge outside still in single figures.  I can better feel the land breathing up in these hills.  In it goes, and the temperature slowly and steadily climbs, peaking mid-afternoon before out it breathes once more and the temperature wends back down to warming dinners, ugg boots and heaters.  The days lately have been pure sunlight doing its dappling thang, shooting off the leaves.

So no, there's nothing actually wrong with anything that is here this morning.  It just looks like Monday, that's all.

But even that's not so bad.  Because it's actually Wednesday.  But ooh, easing back into the working week does take some doing.  It took a depressing ride home from Richmond to Belgrave after my football team lost (again) to the team it beat to win the Grand Final three years ago and has not been able to beat since.  A football loss, and a trainload of people who all seemed as one to realise as the dark set in around our carriage that the holiday was over.

Oh, well.  A holiday must always end, but it usually takes several hours of internal tantrums for me to loosen my grip on it first.

The tree outside the front door is loosening its grip on its leaves, and they spill onto the path.  While away for the weekend in the High Country, I spied many beautiful maples revealing their true colours of red, orange, yellow.  The colours too of the lower chakras.  I forget and then remember each year how grounding autumn is to me, and it has been nice doing such grounding things as meditation, of not-much-on, of some walking in alpine air up Mount Stirling to feel the earth under my feet.

On the way home, we passed the areas that burned in the Black Saturday fires of two years ago.  The fire burning through the ground has stimulated so much new growth.  This land is made for burning.  The seeds of the eucalypt are thrown into action by the process.  Some areas of ground were rich with eucalypt saplings.  Many tall trees, their trunks still charred, were covered in a fine layer of fuzzy protective moss, or new green leaves.

Closer to home, the vines around Dixon Creek are beginning to turn yellow, in preparation for the stark and beautiful rows and rows of vineyards whose stalks stand out black and underground productive, in the fogs of winter.

How about you?  What have you seen over this Easter holiday?


* My partner doesn't like Keanu.  But that's okay.  I don't much like his couch either.  Looks like we're buying new couches at some point.  My partner thinks Keanu looks like he was manufactured in 1989.  And I suppose he has a point.  But I still love Keanu anyway, and now I get to lie on him all by myself :)


  1. autumn is a great time of year for a trip to the High Country, when we lived in the city we used to do an annual Easter camping trip to Bright

    this Easter I've seen lots of visitors with a lot of associated meal preparation, just getting back into 'normal' mode today

  2. Hello...I've been meaning to comment but have been totally overwhelmed with school.

    So, "Hi!"

    I wish spring would make its way north already. :)

  3. Kel - It is a great time of year to go to the High Country. Such a beautiful place, eh. I hope you're full up with the satisfaction that comes from feeding people, and enjoying the peace of 'normal' mode once again :)

    Erin - hello there, chicky. I wish spring would go visit you too. It's sure taking it's time. Hope school is going well for you.


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