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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

I want to live in a different system than the one we live in where we are forced to work every day and accumulate and buy crap we don't need because the economy is geared to making profits for banks and not profits for us, the people who live in this system.  I want to live in a system that is not insane.  Our system is insane.

I want this to end sometime soon, sooner rather than later.  I want the old system that is evil, and corrupt, to descend into the dirt and a new one to rise from its ashes where people are central and money is peripheral, and one where, bringing it all the way back to myself, I get paid for writing instead of typing.  I want to be writing my own words and have the time and the space to think and ponder and to craft them as they deserve. I want one of the editors through whom I submit my words for publication to finally publish what they keep telling me is "original" but which they cannot find a space for. 

I want to live in a world where people are free to follow their passions instead of being chained to desks doings jobs that are becoming more and more mundane, where they earn money and then are too tired to do anything else.

This is not a pipe dream.   It is not a dream of utopia.  Living in the world will always be hard and we will always suffer.  But suffering because of the greed of a small group of people is living like subjects under a king who elected themselves.

I want to live in a world where the economy is not completely unsustainable, and where the sustainability rug was ripped out from under our own noses long before any of us was born but where we still beat for justice.

I want justice, not revenge, for everybody in the world.  I want those who suffer most to have the biggest voice to keep our hubris in check.  I want us to remember to recognise what is sacred, and that when we say "Namaste" it is not just at the end of a yoga class.  I want us to be able to recognise the divine in each other, and that the person in front of us is bigger than we can imagine, rather than the small pointlessness we see them as now.

I want a small percentage of people of the world to stop raping the earth I love for profits and thereby ruin it for everybody.  I want them to stop thinking they are going to get away with it.  I want the insane of the world to stop being the ones who are ruling it.

I want the sacred to be a column in spreadsheets.   I want all of us to wake up and to start demanding change until it comes.  I want the wise to sit enthroned instead of rich white people.

I want a hippopotamus for Christmas.

I want to ride the trains and write about people while they don't know I'm writing about them.

That's what I want today.  How about you?


  1. How can I top that?:I'm afraid I have to say that I totally agree with just about every word. Boring:) Humanity has believed the lies of fear and scarcity, and so has created a world where those lies are reflected. We always see what we believe is there, rather than reality. We have forgotten that we're responsible for all the crap. But we now have the opportunity to create something that actually works. What you and many others are writing, saying, doing is changing the vibe, Sue, so keep at it. You are retuning humanity:)

  2. Love your "world"!  Sounds great to me.  I want basic common courtesy and manners to come back into fashion.  It may not sound like  much,, but my daily life is filled with rude, loud and discourteous people. 

  3. Our modern minds might think back to the dark ages, a time of serfs and lords and such, and want to be grateful that world doesn't exist anymore. But it does. It's a story as old as the ages..those who have wealth and power will do anything they can to retain or increase that wealth and power, with no regard for the suffering it causes. 

    Some days my heart, ever the idealist, longs for the day when we can live in harmony with the land again, to live in community and to be interconnected not by electronics but by touch. 

    I want to live in your world, too. :)

  4. I want to reach my potential. How selfish, right? All your wants are human race related, and mine is individual. Oh, well, maybe I'm feeling self-centered today :-)

  5.  I hope something is changing, Harry.  It's very hard to consistently believe that much is changing at all.

  6.  Winnie, I think being surrounded by rude, loud and discourteous people every day isn't such a small thing at all.

  7.  Hooray for idealist hearts.  Mine's with yours.

  8. I think wanting to reach your potential and wanting to live in a world such as the one I described are interlinked.  And anyway, not all of my wants were human race related - in the new version of the world I want to write for a living :)  I think there's a shitload of people doing jobs they hate in this world while actually being more qualified (in terms of passion and ability but maybe not pieces of paper) to do something different. 

  9.  It is, Sue. It just doesn't get publicised much. Everything's getting pretty critical, but at the same time there are lots of folks opening the eyes of the heart and helping others to do likewise. All really is well, and that becomes clear when we learn to use this amazing tool called mind, rather than allow ourselves to be abused by it. Our insanity is in believing all the thoughts that arise, when 95% of them can be safely ignored. When the mind's in service to the heart, life works. You show great signs of sanity, by the way:)

  10. ha ha
    be careful what ye wish for Susie Q
    Dr Harry might not make housecalls for hippopotamuses, er hippopotami, er a pet that is a hippopotamus

  11. Hehe.  Well, it would be right at home at the bottom of the garden when it's rained for a few days.  Very mushy indeed :)


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