Speaking Shit

Monday, 25 June 2012

When it comes to versatility, you really can't beat that shit.

I mean, think about it - you can lose your shit and be packing shit until you get the shits.  But shit happens.

You can be - if it's my dad talking and you happen to be gay - a turd burglar. You can be up shit creek without a paddle.  You might not give a shit about how shithouse stuff is, but you may be speaking shit.  You might think you're king shit, but you'd definitely be making shit up, and you may very well exasperate others to the point where they will sometimes wish you would eat shit and die.

You can take shit.  Or, if you're me in a couple of weeks, you can give a shit.  Which is what I plan on doing when me and colonic irrigation become acquainted for the first time.

If you're really, really nice, I'll make it a pictorial blog post, just for you.

Nah.  Just shit-stirring :)

Pic by Koolman


  1. That's funny shit. Don't envy you with the colonics though:)

  2. That shit ... colonic irrigation ... is not painful at all. I won't say it's pleasant, but it doesn't hurt. It never did help me much. But I hope it helps you :)

  3. Haha.  No, it's not really something to envy anyone else about, is it :)

  4.  I can't say I'm really looking forward to it.  I am most nervous about having the "technician" in the room with me.  Was that creepy?

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