She's Apples, Mate

Sunday, 24 June 2012

I'm back on the fruit bandwagon again.  Mm, apples are very nice, aren't they?  Especially juiced with carrot and celery.

They are very nice, unless they happen to be in the no-no foods category.  Battling adrenal fatigue?  They were in the almost-no-no category for me.  Eating for my liver?  They were a good choice.  Trying to get on top of a candida overgrowth situation?  I needed to keep away, at least in the short term.  Now, after months of dragging my feet, being told by my naturopath and my hair mineral analysis results that my body is in a highly acidic state, I am finally turning my attention to trying the alkaline/acid approach to nutrition. And in that world, apples are back in the good category again.

I have become so used to not eating fruit that it feels almost decadent to do it now.  Some people are quite strident in saying that we should stay away from fruit altogether.  Their reasoning is that fruits are high in sugars, and that sugars are bad for the body.  Which is true.  And in certain situations you definitely should limit or stop your intake for a time while you try to get your body right.  But many fruits are so good for you (and help curb your cravings if you have a sweet tooth like me).  And there is a big difference in the way your body will respond to eating, say, an apple, compared to a chocolate eclair, even though there is sugar in both.

When your body digests an apple, it creates alkalinity in your system.  A chocolate eclair will do the opposite, and contribute to acid forming.  A slightly alkaline body is optimal.  In that environment, your organs are in the best state to function optimally.   Your lymph is free to move throughout your body picking up the stuff that needs discarding as it goes.  Your muscles won't ache, in the way mine have been in recent months.  Viruses and parasites and other organisms find you a rather uncomfortable environment to live in.  They much prefer an acid environment, which is what the standard Western diet contributes to.  Unfortunately, all of what many of us find is the good stuff - meat, dairy, processed wheat - are all acid-forming (although interestingly, if you sprout the wheat, it becomes alkalkine-forming.  There is a whole world out there of sprouting, fermenting, different applications that people in times past have used to lengthen the life of their foods, to make them better for us.  A really strong and deep wealth of knowledge gained by experience over thousands of years).  An alkaliine-forming food is not necessarily one that doesn't have high acid content.  For example, lemons are a very acidic fruit, and yet they are one of the most alkaline-forming substances you can eat for your body (along with parsley).

My aim with this way of eating is to get myself to a place where I am eating 80% of alkaline-forming foods, and 20% of acid-forming foods.  Which is really, really daunting.  But it seems I have an uber-sensitive system, one that did not take kindly to having antibiotics shoved into it over the space of a year, and one which now finds it hard to get rid of that which is bad for it.  An acidic body is a stressed body.  And I've been battling that.  Pretty badly, actually. 

And so my back is really up against the wall when it comes to my health.  I can feel the clock ticking.  I am a 41 year old female.  I need to get myself in order before I go through menopause (and that little baby is knocking at the door.  Just ask Anthony ;)  It's a real challenge and I am feeling pretty frustrated because I have been trying for so long to get myself right, and I have become, as the scientist who performed my hair analysis informed me the other day, a hard-basket case.  Well, he didn't say it exactly like that.  I think he said I was someone who was in the "too hard basket."  But I prefer "hard-basket case."  Because then it's a multi-use description with just a flip of a hyphen.  Move the hyphen over one word in the times when I'm being a "hard basket-case," and there you have it :)

Health and emotional health and mental health are all linked.  And mine have all been swaying recently.  I am up against it, and I have to do everything I can to get myself healthy.  It is the difference between living in heaven on earth and hell on earth.


  1. :sigh:
    whatever happened to the simple old, anapple a day keeps the doctor away
    can be very frustrating sometimes as these days it seems there is not much left that we can eat or drink
    do you now use colloidal silver instead of antibiotics...definitely worth having a bottle in the cupboard

  2. It's frustrating, isn't it.  I think one of the problems is that so many medical practitioners and other dispensers of wisdom specialise in a particular area.  I think the best kind of advice is the holistic, across-the-board sort of advice.  But you have to be careful who you listen to, don't you? 

    I haven't had any need to take an antibiotic for years, that I can remember.  If I did, though, I think I would try propolis (though I haven't looked into that).  Colloidal silver is great stuff, ain't it?

  3. Just appling like a good 'un as I read.  Berries are very good, too, as they're low sugar and high in lots of Good Things. When it comes to any food, if the bodymind votes for it, go for it. I find 2 billion year old blue-green algae is pretty cool, as it started this whole nutrition thing off, and it's had plenty of practise;)


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