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Monday, 24 September 2012

How insulting, upon not getting a ticket in the AFL Grand Final ticket ballot, to get a promotional email this afternoon from the AFL informing me that if I want I can come along to their Premiership Party, an after-game event being held at the conclusion of this year's AFL Grand Final.

It's all part of new and improved service the AFL offers people on Grand Final day.

Here's a new idea on improving your service, AFL ~ give more tickets to the fans.  I have gone to almost every Melbourne game this year.  Paid for a membership at the start of the year.  Have done so for the past 17 years in a row.  But I couldn't get a ticket to the game because there were only 15,000 made available to my club.  And 15,000 to Sydney.  So 30,000 tickets all up made available to the people who go to see the game, in a ground which at its capacity holds 100,000.

Don't insult me.

And go you Hawkers.


  1. Hope you win anyway, Sue. That should reduce your Disguntlement Index a little:)

  2. It sure would :)

  3. the annual plaintive wail crescendos again . . .
    get them back, don't renew your membership
    perhaps if everyone refused to renew, they might reconsider
    go on, be a revolutionary :P

  4. Nah, doesn't work like that. My membership is with my football club, not with the AFL :)


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