The price of wellbeing

Sunday, 23 September 2012

True dat, Oscar. And by the way, has anyone told you you look like Stephen Fry?

And another thing, while we're talking about it, in the same vein I also find too that all the best stuff you learn that is the most priceless ~ like, for example, that wellbeing is really beyond any amount of money you could get for yourself ~ always sounds trite and cliched and flat like a Hallmark card until you experience it for yourself :)

And then it's just beautiful.

I feel good today.  Good.  And it is priceless. 

And that's not just simply because my team is playing in the Grand Final next week.  And it's also not just simply because it is spring and the days are growing longer.  It's not even just simply because my first published piece - for money! - is in the latest edition of The Big Issue.  

But all of those things are pretty nice, though :)


  1. I flat out disagree with Oscar. In that case we'd all have to invent the wheel. Honor your teachers, else how can you can learn from them?

  2. True all dat, Sue. There ain't nothin' much to compare with jus' feelin' Good. Detox going well then?:)

  3. I went back and reread this quote because I wondered what you flat out disagreed with. I see now why you disagree with it, but I think he was being somewhat hyperbolic. Or at least that's the way I read it - that all the best things need to be experienced yourself. Obviously there are tons of things that can be taught ... and teachers deserve double the salary they currently receive :)

  4. I think it is going well, Harry. With ups and downs. But the worst seems to be over. Thanks :)

  5. Wow, congrats on the your first published piece in The Big Issue. That must be very cool!

    Today was a beautiful day in the city, so warm and sunny. I had a rather enjoyable walk along the Yarra at lunchtime. The nice days are here.

  6. Even a 50% day is beyond price, which is lucky because I've kind of forgotten what a feeling good day feels like. :) Yes the comparisons between Stephen Fry and Oscar Wilde are many. Not surprising in some ways since he was a big influence on young Stephen, but amazing that they also share a resemblance.

  7. Hi Harry. Thank you. It is cool. It's been a very long time coming :)

    Yep, the nice days are definitely here. It is beautiful up here in the hills. I love this time of year. It restores hope :)

  8. I didn't know that Oscar had such a big influence on Stephen, but then it totally makes sense.

    I agree, a 50% day is beyond price. Sometimes I forget that. When I have a day where I feel even better than 50%, I can feel the greedometer start up its clanking. It's hard to not want more when you get tastes of it.

    I so hope many more feeling good days are just around the corner for you, Tina.

  9. I think blogging is cool, getting published is way up in the statosphere compared to that though. I'm going camping this weekend coming and I will also be out in nature, can't wait.

  10. Hi, Sue. I scanned the comments below quickly to see if anyone else mentioned it, but Fry did in fact portray Wilde in a movie, "Wilde," with Jude Law and Vanessa Redgrave. It was very nicely done.
    Hang in there,

  11. Hello there, Brad. Yes, I didn't know that he made a movie playing Wilde. Might have to watch that movie :)

    Thank you :)


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