Friday, 4 January 2013

Earworms - they're those frequently irritating songs that get stuck in your head and won't leave.  Almost always daggy, and songs which I barely know so that it's often just the same bit going on and on in my head.  I suffer from this malady a lot

It's been said that the only way to dislodge an earworm is to consciously replace it with another song, and I believe that that is so.  666 Radio Susie's methods of dislodgment however tend to be to offer up an alternative which then becomes the next earworm. 

Because I am generous, and because you may have well forgotten this beautiful gem of a song, which was a  hit in the year that I was five going on six and the Dunder Cheep was my friend, I offer you the beautiful Una Paloma Blanco (White Dove).  I'm sure it was on high rotation on 3MP. 


  1. That'll be wiggling away all day, Sue. Thanks for that. Ah, the memories... me mis-spent youth:)

  2. The video won't load, instead a black and white banner replaces it because the "Harry Fox Agency and EMI have blocked it in your country on copyright grounds." I once had a job with a long commute I did driving a car and listening to pop music on the radio. Those songs and the songs on the commercials too would play round and round on the turntable in my mind when I wasn't commuting. Since I stopped listened to music radio the ear wormery stopped also. Is there a connection I wonder?

  3. Well, if you really want to waste a few moments of your life you'll never get back, do YouTube Una Paloma Blanco and let me know if you remember it :)

    That's interesting that earwormery has stopped since you've finished listening to music radio. I don't listen to a whole lot of music radio but the earworms still happen. I have realised that they are often triggered by a word or a phrase. Someone says "shaslick" and there I am, off singing ... um ... nothing, actually :) But some of the most basic words will trigger songs. Need to spend an afternoon recalibrating the links so that Radio Susie plays better songs.

    Funny what you say about commercials though. Ugh. They stick like glue, don't they? :)

  4. So did it work, Harry? Did you get earwormed all day? :)

  5. I can still hear dumb commercials from many years ago if I think about it — like — N A B I S C O - Nabisco is the name to know ((-: Got the same blackout at U-Tube - I took a screenshot so you can see how it looks in the States — envy your freedom Down Under !!!!!!!

  6. Oo-na Pa-lo-ma Blan-co... how does the next bit go?:)


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