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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Here are a few Weekend Notes articles I've written recently:

Melbourne Free University: Classics of Crime Fiction - a free six-part presentation and discussion covering the beginnings of crime fiction up to present day.

Clothes Swap at Chesterfield Farm Community Garden - BYO unsuitable eBay purchases and exchange them for tokens, which you can use to trade for other clothes.  $2 entry goes to the CFCG, a Transition Town in Knox.

Ramona Koval - By the Book - a lunchtime presentation by Ramona Koval, writer, journalist and broadcaster, well-known to Aussie Radio National listeners as host of  The Book Club.  What better thing to do apart from reading than to go and listen to someone else read from their own - which happens to be a book about ... well, books?

Native Plant Sale and Propagation the folks of The Australian Plants Society Yarra Yarra are big on propagating Australian natives.  Their annual sale is on, where they will be demonstrating to folks how to plant from seed, from cutting and from grafting.

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Ah.  Promotion. 

I've really been enjoying writing for Weekend Notes.  I did have this idea that whenever I write an article over there that I will write another one here that goes off on some sort of a tangent and then links to the Weekend Notes article.  Good idea, but I've been pressed for time and/or energy lately so it hasn't come to pass ... yet.

The thing I hate most about writing is the promotion that goes along with it.  To be honest, self-promotion makes my flesh crawl.  I just want to write the bloody thing.  I don't want to care about SEO and Google Analytics and actually sharing it with people.  I just want to write!!!!

I really can't explain just how much marketing and advertising bores the absolute stuffing out of me.  People say that writers these days need to be promoters as well and I guess it's true that they do.  That doesn't mean it doesn't make me want to spin my head around and vomit green all over the walls.

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