Sunday 19 May 2013

Penis ~ penis ~ penis ~ penis ~ penis ~ penis

~ Penis ~ penis ~ penis ~ penis ~ penis ~

Penis ~ penis ~ penis ~ penis ~ penis ~ penis

~ Penis ~ penis ~ penis ~ penis ~ penis ~

Penis ~ penis ~ penis ~ penis ~ penis ~ penis

~ Penis ~ penis ~ penis ~ penis ~ penis ~

Comedy Nose
Thanks to Sam Craft for the idea and the permission to post a post that I want to post.  The fact that she suggested that if we want to post about penises we should be entirely able to was more than enough encouragement for me to rush into my room and post this here penis post.

James Cubed Design
I must say though, to be brutally honest with you, a part of me feels like I don't have the right to post this penis post about penises because ... well, I've been in the realm of the virginal lately.  I would imagine that if I was my partner's penis reading this, I might feel a bit like there's a feast on my blog while in reality there's a bit of a famine in his pants.

Jack Two
See, now, this is my version of a penis post, one where I go way too far, just too far, and post rather too much information for your comfort levels (especially my partner, who doesn't like to be talked about at the best of times, let alone a discussion about his penis to be occurring on my blog, on the internet, in the public eye).

Okay, I think that's everything I have to say about penises right now.   If I think of anything more, I'll let you know.  Do feel free to make any comments you would like to make about penises in the comments section below.  Because it's not like it's really an area that's open for conversation in general, is it?  People don't sit at the restaurant table and casually remark about the state, good or bad, of their penises or their vaginas, do they?  I wonder why.  I mean, everyone's got one, just like everyone poos.  And nobody talks about that either.  Except for annoying people on the British version of Come Dine With Me and ... well, me, I guess.


  1. Well now, THAT got my attention!!

    And who am I to be getting all judge-ee? Nope.

    In a world practically ruled by penises, I say, "repeat, repeat, repeat".

    The more the word, penis, is out there, maybe the more dis-empowered this phallic taboo subject might become.

    Hell, like you say, we've all got either a penis or a vagina. So, what's the big deal?

    And, seeing as you bought it up, a healthy poo is the sign of a healthy body.
    Whenever someone is sick, I ask them, "have you checked your poos lately?"
    Haha, love the reactions :)

  2. :-)

    Haha. And what proportion of people, when you ask if they have checked their poo, come out with a faux-gross look on their face as if it's not *ladylike* to look at your poo? Hooray for poo-checking, I say. Hooray (h)

  3. Easily, the majority of people look genuinely shocked that THAT word even came up!
    And, even worse, was that the subject was directed at them.

    The answers range from foot scuffling mumbles to stammering incoherence to "none of your bloody business, you're not my doctor".

    Lighten up people, it's only poooo.

    Oh yes, almost forgot... penis :d

    1. I don't really understand that, Vicki, to be honest. I guess that's coming from a history of 14 years of chronic illness where looking at your poo is par for the course, haha :D

      ... Penis

  4. Replies
    1. Would it be an erect or flaccid penis emoticon? :d

    2. Well, clearly it would have to be erect to be inserted!


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