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Wednesday 16 October 2013

Perhaps when we start to see the effects of the deals that are regularly done above the heads of our own governments, we will start doing something about the fact that billions of us are being ruled by a very small and powerful group of people who have their best interests at heart, but definitely not ours - and nor, seemingly, the earth's.

Perhaps when we see the Global Government of Goldman Sachs Et Al (TM) really really really repress our freedoms we will stand up.  The Trans Pacific Partnership, which is in the process of being finalised right now, is one such example of this.  In this version of events, the sovereignty of the Australian government will be regularly overridden - they will even be sued if they step out of line - by the real powers in the world, the multinational corporations.

Perhaps we need that to come to hand so that we can all see in front of us - feel its oppression on our own skin - what has been the hidden reality for many years now.

Perhaps if it comes into effect and Glaxo Smith Kline get to override the laws of our own country (however stupid and dodgy they may be - they need changing as well) in the name of profiteering, then we will start to understand the extent of this proposed agreement and why we need to do something about it.

How strange it is that the majority allow such a small band of people to control them.  But that has been the history of the world.  Perhaps it is going to come to an end soon.

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But then there are people who will stand up, like Mulala Yousafzai, fearlessly.  My admiration for that girl is just boundless.  She is so fearless!!  Her courage inspires me.  Just as fear is contagious, so is courage.  And luckily you don't need to be entirely free of the grip of fear to act in courage.  You act despite it.

Is a point going to come when the people in the street start refusing any longer to live under this system we live under?  Will we inflate our stymied imaginations and our deflated critical thinking skills to start imagining a world where things can be way different to how they are now?  More suitable for us?  A win/win world?

Of course, creating that world involves turning aside from what is and dreaming and putting into action what could be. Ghandi's being the change you wish to see in the world.  There are many exciting and inspiring people in the world doing just that.  But that is not enough.  The problem is with the level of domination by these corporations - if we don't do something to stop them, we won't have the opportunity to continue imagining and envisaging and birthing a better world, in the way that so many inspirational people are.

Are we going to one day take back our own sovereignty - or perhaps, to start off with, to even care that it's being taken away from us in the first place?  Or are we waiting for Jesus to come back and make it all right so we don't have to lift ourselves out of our own apathy, or our own lovely little shiny New Age world where facing the darkness is a no-no because it's too "negative"? 

This isn't about whether you are into politics or not.  That whole thing seems to be a mass of mazes and mirrors.  It's about taking back what is rightfully ours FROM those who operate within the political spectrum.

If Jesus does come back, I imagine one of the first things he would ask us is why the hell are we so willing to be slaves when there is so much beauty and awesomeness within us bursting to come out, if it has the opportunity?  I imagine he would ask where has our imagination gone?  And if we claim to care so much about the future of our kids, why are we so unwilling to examine what their future might be if our apathy continues?  And he might ask why have we been willing to allow others to destroy the earth and put us in the position where we have to bury our own talents in order to serve the machine.

All very good questions that we should be asking ourselves.

Oh, and I don't much care if this post is "inappropriate" or if I appear angry or self-righteous, if these things make people uncomfortable by their "negativity", because people's apathy about the things happening in the world at the hands of corporations makes me WAY more uncomfortable.  I'm tired of watching the spectacle.  I can't not speak about these things.  They are disgusting injustice.  They kill me.  They burn in my guts.  I simply don't understand how so many people can stay silent or turn away when there is such a sinister elephant in the room.

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We have to turn and face this stuff down.   It's part of our challenge of being humans on the earth at this point in time.  It is not "negative" to turn and face the dark.  It is just simply fucking terrifying. 

And there are gifts to be reclaimed from that space, things which are rightfully ours, which expand our humanity.  Because the vast majority of us seem to be people who wish to and who are capable of living in peace on the earth. This is what we want.

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