Peak Hour Dinner Rush

Wednesday, 20 November 2013


  1. Is this at your and Anthony's place? I'm coming to visit for sure!

  2. I much prefer this kind of peak hour to those on the roads!

    You have quite an array of feathered friends, Sue.
    Love the kooka - and you can get so close!

    And, you have pink and greys? Lucky ducks. We don't get them visiting here.

    Two seasons ago, I befriended one of the young magpies. Mum and dad maggie would bring the kids around and she (Magdalena) was bolder than the others, taking food from my hand. then eventually, I got her to sit on my shoulder as she fed. So cool.

    Sadly, we've had to discourage a lot of bird feeding now, because we get so many of the big white cockies. They scare off the smaller birds - except the rainbows, they're tough little buggers - and have chewed at our kitchen windowsills. They create so much damage, and hubby is not pleased.

    Loved your video!

    1. Ahh, the cockies are eating your house as well, Vicki? Aren't they soooooooooo desctructive! Gah! They're adorable and intelligent birds but yeah, sheesh, eating people's kitchen windowsills is really not the way to endear yourself to the inhabitants :)

      Yeah, those lovely pink and greys have become more and more tame in recent months. They used to come by on occasion but now they're regular visitors. So funny with their bouffant heads :)


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