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Monday 26 May 2014

This is my contribution to Chuck Wendig's 100 word flash fiction challenge.  The brief was to inspire some sort of an emotion.  I'm not entirely sure I've done that but it was fun to write, anyway.  Inspired by the Giro D'Italia road cycling race that is currently wending its way through Italy.

~ ~ ~
Day 20, Cavazzo Carnico: Someone’s drawn a dick and balls on the road. A man in a onesie and clown wig runs alongside ringing a bell. In his other hand, a vuvuzela, which punctures my head just before a hairpin. I clip a charming Italian villa with my front wheel.

It’s surprisingly easy – though lengthy – to track him online, especially when he’s linked to a video of the incident and his workplace to his account.

Wednesday morning, orange cubicle, Tolmezzo: Lorenzo Fontana realises for himself how hard it is to do your job well with a vuvuzela piercing your eardrum.

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