Built-in kiddy filters

Saturday 16 February 2008

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap must have been playing on Countdown on regular rotation when I was 5 years old. I don't imagine conservative 1976 Australia would have been playing it on the radio, and my parents didn't have this album, so I must have been hearing it from somewhere. I loved this song. And Countdown was our regular Sunday night fare for as long as I can remember, from 6 to 7pm on a Sunday night, with Molly Meldrum exhorting us to do ourselves a favour every week and get ourselves one of those giant massive album things (don't LP records look just enormous nowadays? :)

The song took on a rather different lustre in my five-year-old mind than it does now. I just overrode the things I knew nothing about - murder via concrete boots, ways to kill off your husband and get a bonus quickie on the side. None of those things meant anything to me.

chickNo, I thought it was called Dirty Deeds and the Dunder Cheep. This was a two character play. On one side you had Dirty Deeds. I don't know what he/she/it was. Dirty Deeds may have been the character mentioned first, but they were just a sidekick to the real star of the show, the Dunder Cheep, which looked something like this on a giant scale :)

See, you can throw your kids in amongst songs about concrete booting your enemies and it's alright - that kiddy innocence is the most effective filter there is :)

Happy Saturday, bloggers :)


  1. Sue, how beautifully put! We as adults seem to put such a sinister slant on everything, where we as children just enjoy things for themselves! I remember this exact thing with The Goodies, watching as a child, I loved the slapstick comedy, watching as an adult, they are really very risque! We need to let children enjoy things as children do and stop adulterating them!

  2. Hey Gemma, how u go, bro? I was just thinking about you yesterday, wondering what you're up to.

    Isn't it amazing watching stuff back from when you were a kid and seeing how much you missed, hehe.

    Me and Andi watched Xanadu on Monday. I loved that movie when I was 11 or however old I was when it came out. We were just laughing at the appalling acting and the horrid pathetic storyline - but I do love the music :)


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