Train romancing

Friday 15 February 2008

On the train on the way home tonight, standing in my customary space in the doorway, reading customary book. A middle-aged bloke with a can of Jim Beam and Coke comes walking towards the doorway and slouches in the door. I don't think it's his first can of the day. Eyes the young guys standing in front of him with their bikes.

"BMX bandit," he says to the guy with the shock of red hair. "Hey, Blue, what you up to tonight? Going home to get stoned?"

Blue shrugged. "No, not tonight."

"Man, I am," Jim says. "Going home to get wasted." Then he glances at me.

"That's bad," he grins to me. "Are you a social worker or something?"

What the hell does a social worker look like? I'm wearing a skirt, sandals, a sleeveless top. Half my hair up. What does a social worker look like?

"Nah," I said, thinking, what does a social worker look like? Someone who doesn't take drugs? My inner 15 yar old rankles at that.

"Trying to kick that naughtiness," I say noncholantly. "But gee, I could go one right now." I grinned back at him.

"Oh!" he roars, his categorisation shattered. "She's not a social worker then! She's a bad girl! Probably as big a drug addict as the rest of us!"

"Well, I guess we're all drug addicts in some way, huh?" I surmised. "If it's not drugs, it's work, or whatever."

He gestured with his can towards the rest of the carriage. "Still, I'd rather be a druggo than like any of these boring bastards." Mr Categories returns.

North Melbourne Station pulls up outside and he moves off towards the door.

"Have a good one," he says over his shoulder.

"You too," I said. "Have one for me."

"I'll give you one too, " he slurs, as the doors close.

Australian men. Missed charm school :)


  1. EEEWWWWW!!!!! I'd want to go bathe after that encounter.....

  2. an amazing glimpse into a very real encounter. so question...did you feel slimed or sorrow & compassion toward the "uncharmed" one? just curious :-)

  3. I didn't feel slimed and sorrow is probably too strong for what I felt. I felt a bit amused by him, but I also felt a bit sad for him. And definitely compassion :)

  4. Well, I guess I'm just a hopeless old fart then, because I always feel gross when I get hit on -- no matter what the guy looks like. Fortunately, it rarely happens :)

  5. Tyler dearest - I guess to me I didn't feel really like I was being hit on cause it was just a comment thrown at me as the doors closed. If he was standing right there and saying that stuff it would have felt more icky and gross. He was just a drunk, you know?

    And yeah, it rarely happens to me, too, cos I'm an old fart like you :) *Hugs*

  6. When I have such encounters, I muster up the courage to ask, "Have you ever considered NOT drinking and drugging?" The follow up statement: "You don't have to live like this anymore."

  7. erk! I would have been terrified of him saying something negative about me in front of everyone! But I would have smiled ;)

  8. Dream - i think this would have been one of those "falling on deaf ears" situations. I guess too I would feel like I hadn't really earned the right to say that, considering I didn't even know this guy, you know?

    Andi - I think if you are kind to people they are less inclined to say something nasty to you. This guy was harmless, he was just a bit gross, you know? :)


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