Valentine's Day Sucks Arse

Thursday 14 February 2008

As if I wasn't feeling ugly and undesirable enough today, along comes Hallmark to shove the boot in. To remind all of those people who aren't in a relationship what pathetic losers they are (not that I really want to be in one anyway, but the part of me that does feels really irritated about being reminded that it's not. That part is also feeling rather annoyed and curious and threatened by the part of me that doesn't, because it's worried that the part of me that doesn't is going to fall in love with self-empowerment and send me off to become the next Germaine Greer and live in the country with a menagerie and hate men forever and maybe become a middle-aged lesbian. But I digress ...)

I hate Valentine's Day because the only people that feel good about it are the ones who are all mushy in love, and they seem to be feeling good enough about everything without needing another excuse to go buy each other stuff, in a world that's already groaning under the weight of too much stuff.

So Valentine's Day, just bite me.

Damn. Now I've annoyed the part of me that doesn't want romance by posting this. This is the problem, living in a body with so many different personalities - I'm always ticking off one of them :)


  1. Your name is legion, for you are many.

    Anyway, happy valentine's day to all of you sues, wether you like it or no.

  2. Sue 1: Awww, thanks, Stu! Happy Valentine's Day to you too!

    Sue 2: Bugger off, Stu.

    Sue 3: (Grudgingly) Thanks.

    Sue 4: (Shyly) Thanks.

    Sue 5: (Grumpily) Whatever.


  3. You are SO SEXY when you vent...

    oops, perhaps I'm a middle aged lesbian too... hmmm.....

  4. HAHA :) Don't tempt me :)

    (I think being with another woman would be really annoying for all the reasons why I could see it would be good. Mainly being understood by another person - I imagine two women would have a much better chance of doing that. But then imagine all those times you'd be arguing and the other person would be able to call you onto the carpet more because they'd understand your motivations and stuff ... ugh :)


  5. Watching two people arguing without the use of logic would be fascinating all right.

    ...oops was that out loud?

  6. Arguments without logic?

    Have you ever watched two men have an argument?

    You SUCK!

    No, you SUCK!

    If I wanted logical arguments that had no revelance, I'd go to church....

  7. Hehe Tyler. Those two comments - so truthful!

    This is fun - a battle of the sexes comments fest on Valentine's Day (well, it is here in Oz, anyway)

  8. Really, we should leave Stu alone. Having a battle of wits with a man? Just not sporting... them being unarmed and all.

    Just remember Stu, Men were created in the world and brought into the garden to "tend it" (read: forced labor as unpaid gardeners), but women were created in the garden, because evidently men couldn't handle it alone. You come from dirt, we come from paradise..

  9. Sending YOU some Valentine LOVE. You're freakin' lovable, even if you don't want to be. After all, you DID call me The School of Rock - YAY!!! Hey, be in love with you - do something to SHOW yourself how much you love yourself. OK, so maybe I sound like a huge new-age nerd, but go with it. Take yourself out to dinner, or take a bath by candlelight, or write yourself a letter about all the things you love about you ... or all three and then some.

    I HEART you, Sue!

  10. aw come on sue, who can love you better than you? after all you have your choice of many suitors inside that lovely self of yours :-) i say, take dream's advice, maybe throw in some good music and have a fab day!!!


  11. See what I mean. You're talking gardening now!

  12. Dream - Dear New Age Nerd. What i'm gonna do is take myself to bed. That's what i'm gonna do. I'm getting takeaway that i can't afford, and I'm going to surround myself with my laptop, my 7 pages of written essay, my colouring-in book, my ioniser, and some books. Then I'm going to make love to myself. Shame I've broken my vibrator, or else the night would have been perfect.


    Lucy - Ok, just for you, I'll add some music :)

    Tyler and Stu - play nice now or I'll send you to your rooms :)

  13. I hardly noticed it today, I told my husband not to waste one cent on this bogus day.

  14. Andi - good thinkin' 99 (or is it 47? Or is it 42?) Love 35.


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