Radio Susie Shenanigans

Thursday 15 May 2008

I feel kinda like the mini tornado that blew threw my body over the past couple of days has passed ... at least, for this moment. I don't understand what is going on. I presume it must be some weird thing of God, or else I am just going plainly insane, with big blobs of sanity. Perhaps it's simply a result of moving away from the creative place I've made for myself recently. Perhaps it's little glimmers of hope wrapped up in despair that things are finally starting to change for me. Anyway. For whatever reason, I am feeling better this evening so thank you for prayers, much appreciated.

I have had this fragment of a song going through my head all afternoon. It's driving me a bit mad. You know how often the songs that go through your head tend to be snatches? This one is 2 lines, over and over, and I don't even know what one of the words is:

Show me your lah-lah-lah
I'll show you mine

Male vocalist, early 80s I think. I've already invited 3 of my friends to play and none of them know what it is. It's on the tip of Radio Susie's DJ's tongue, but not quite.

Anyone? (Yeah, I know, it's not much to go on but just thought I'd throw it out there :)


Update:  Finally worked out what this song was.  It just took me till January 2012 to do so.  How ridiculously satisfying :)

This was a song by a local Australian band called The Sunnyboys, Show Me Some Discipline.


  1. "little glimmers of hope wrapped up in despair"...i am going to sit with this one for awhile :-)

    sorry, i'm not of any help for radio susie today.

  2. I can hear the song in my head (or at least those two lines), but have no idea who it is. And now it's stuck in my head too. Ugh. And I know my 80's songs pretty well.

  3. Don't know if this is your song, but the Red Hot Chili Peppers did "Show me your soul" in the late 80s.

    Nice blog, btw!

  4. Was it a country/western song? There was Tom T. Hall's "You Show me Your Heart and I'll Show You Mine." You can hear it at iTunes. Umm...1979, i think. That's the only one I can think of. And I don't even know why I knew that...weird.

  5. Lucy - I guess that's a good thing to sit with, isn't it. I don't even remember wrting that sentence actually.

    Cheryl Marie - sorry, 'bout that! :)

    Gartenfische - No, it wasn't that. The word I can't get is a 3 syllable word. Aggh! Thanks for the compliment.

    Erin - naw, not Tom T Hall *laughs* My parents had a copy of one of his albums when I was a kid. I used to give Old Dogs, Women and Watermelon Wine a bit of a burl. But no that's not it. That is weird that you know that, dude. Do you feel dirty?

    Actually - confession time - I don't mind some C&W, if I'm in a certain mood. There, I've said it. How embarrassing.

  6. Google this (be sure you search with the lyrics in quotes)

    "show me your * and I'll show you mine" lyrics

    A lot of people don't know Google has a wildcard (*). Then see if any of the results ring a bell.

  7. Interestingly enough Tom T. Hall is the first hit. Weird.

  8. Hehe :) I didn't know about the wildcard, actually. Thanks for that! I did however search yesterday "Show me your" "I'll show you mine" in two separate quotes, which basically did the same thing only with more keystrokes.

    And there were, like, shitloads of pages or something and it just all felt like work, and so I thought I'd ask you guys instead but fat load of help you all turned out to be.


  9. Forgive us your highness, for we are only lowly and uneducated peons.


  10. Begone! she roared.

    Or 't shall be off with your head.


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