Song Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces

Saturday 14 January 2012

You know those songs that rattle around inside your head - the ones where you only know a tiny portion of them?  And you don't know who sang them or when or what the song is called, so you can't go and listen to the song and therefore get to exorcise your brain its cruddy fragment.  You just have to put up with it playing over and over hundreds of times an hour because it's a soundbyte of five seconds' duration.

No?  Okay, then, must just be me :)

I've been trying to work out a particular song for years.  My internal radio station, Radio Susie, loves these song fragments because Radio Susie likes to try to drive me a bit batty, and these songs are particularly effective at being sung over and over inside your own head for days on end until I'm willing to gouge them out via my ear canal with a cordless drill.

One of those songs I talked about it in this post way back in May 2008.  I put out the call to try and see if anyone knew what the song was, but nobody did.  Well, finally, thanks to Rage putting tonight's playlist online, there it is:  Show Me Some Discipline by the Sunnyboys.

Ahh.  There is something very satisfying about finding a pointless piece to a pointless jigsaw puzzle that's been sitting on the edges of your mind for years.  There is a part of me that believes that solving this particular puzzle will enable the few bytes of brainspace involved to somehow magically defragment itself into becoming greater memory capability or somehow contribute to lessening my brain's tendency to jump from one thing to another and forget where I ...

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  1. Nothing better than a defragmented brainspace, Sue. Now you can put it on standby for a bit:)


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