Sunday 3 August 2008

*Slide the lattice across for her confession*

I confess ... oh, boy, this is hard. I ... gulp. I confess that Thought I'd Died and Gone to Heaven by Bryan Adams makes me cry. Oh, God!! I feel so dirty.

I confess ... I really think Stairway to Heaven sucks arse. I am so sick of that bloody song.

I confess ... I've got a bit of a crush on the latest Dr Who, David Tennant :)


  1. SO you bloody well should feel dirty. Yes I am an unashamed music snob!!

    In nearly twenty years of listening to it, I never fail to enjoy Stairway to Heaven. Equally, in twenty years, I never fail to laugh at Bryan Adams:)

  2. Oh my.....go take a nap to recover from such gut wrenching confessions :)

    I must confess though that I actually paid for tickets many years ago to see Bryan Adams and then couldn't possibly make myself go to the concert. What was I thinking?

  3. I love early Bryan Adams but something broke along the way.

    I hate Stairway to Heaven too. Not so much that it's a bad song as it is that I've heard it about 1000 times too many.

    Can't say that I know who David Tennant is. Looked him up, still don't know. He was in a Harry Potter but I still don't know who he is. Sorry.

  4. Hiya
    Secret- Sometimes I spontaneouly play that "....I will be right here waiting for you" song by B Adams on the piano- (and I just don't know why!)
    Never consciously thought I liked it. But the subconsciuos has it's secrets that the conscious cannot betray, though it tries.
    Another secret: I loved the song-- "I hope you dance" for quite a while...
    I'm gonna post this on my blog, because it's relevant to things I've been pondering...Luv

  5. Monk - ok, so you're not feeling unfriendly with me then. Talking to you via blogs feels like talking to a different person than talking to you via email. Maybe we should just stay right here ;)

    I used to love STH for the first 16 bars or so but even those bore me now. Yawn.

    I consider myself a musical snob too, hence my liking something akin to musical porn giving me the heebiejeebies

    Kent - what were you thinking? I remember when I saw The Police in '84 and BA was one of hte support acts. People were geting about with "Who the Hell is Bryan Adams" badges on? Sadly, it did not stay that way. (Although I do really love Straight from the Heart. But that's all, I swear)

    Erin - yeah, something broke, for sure. STH is always numbr 1 on everyone's fave songs list. Boring. All of My Love and Over the Hills and Far Away are heaps better in my opinionated opinion

    Manuela - that's just plain evil. Shame on you ;)

  6. tut tut tut..oh when did you go so off the narrow path of musical discernment to goopy love stuff ;) Stairway to Heaven is a beautiful song, Im shocked that you think it's crap!!! ahh..the music is gorgeous and the last few be a rock and not to roll!
    *walks off shaking head* youve somewhat redeemed yourself by your crush on David Tennant, he is so quirky and sexy! I love him.

  7. I never got Stairway to Heaven -- the most overrated song in the universe.....

  8. My idea of sexy, for many years now, has been Denzel Washington.... OH and Sam Elliot.... *sigh*

  9. If I remember right another concert ended up being scheduled for the same night and I bought tickets for that also so I could get out of it. I think it was Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

    BREAKDOWN go ahead and give it to me.

  10. Andi - yes, o fellow musical nazi, 'twas you I was most concerned about here. I'm sorry, I apologise. *Flagellates herself with a cat 'o nine tails made out of old Uncanny X-Men singles*

    Tyler - Denzel Washington? Hmmm. To each their own :)

    Kent - Now you're talking :) And now radio susie has just ramped up American Girl. Thanks :) *Mental note: buy Southern Accents*

  11. American Girl works for me and it brings to mind another one from those years Southern Girls by Cheap Trick. That show is comng up next month. Journey/Heart/Cheap Trick

  12. Are you going? I am going to see Def Leppard, I think in November, and Cheap Trick are support act. Pretty good double. They better sing Surrender :)

  13. We are planning on going. I prefer Cheap Trick's more punkish sounding stuff like this

  14. Heart/Journey/Cheap Trick will be here soon, too, and the tix sold out fast. They are $300 on craigslist now. Boo-hoo. Heart is one that I've never seen and they've always been on my list.

    I do have to say that once in awhile Tom Petty ain't so bad (his voice, I mean)...Breakdown for instance. But American Girl makes me think of Silence of the Lambs. Can't do it.

    Never really got into Cheap Trick, 'cept for The Flame. That was my very first boyfriend's song.

  15. You forgot bless me father for I have SINNED

  16. LOL. I know, I know!! I feel so EVIL! Evil! *cuts spiky bits into Time Goes So Fast to make it dig deeper into back skin*

    Im sorry!!!!!!!! :D

  17. Or are you talking about me sinning in relation to STH, Urbanmonk? If so, then nay.

    In fact, I challenge all you purveyors of this shite song to tell me just what this crud means exactly, that's not found at the bottom of a bong or a cup of tea leaves. It's a twaddly, whiney drug song.

    ;) (But the last bit is alright, andi, agreed :)

  18. No I believe listening to STH is only a venial sin. 3 hail mary's and your absolved. Bryan Adams, however, is a mortal sin and your soul is in mortal danger. That requires some form of Penance... say, the entire Bob Dylan back catalogue, followed by a week of nothing but gregorian Chant.

    I dont think STH means anything at all. You can tell Robert Plant just made it up, possibly in a weed induced haze. He even stole imagery from LOTR for Gads sake!!( though I think that was a different song) Which I would imagine would be right up your alley:) But it sounds Greaaat!! The combination of Bonham and Page is very intense. For mine, JP Jones dont get enough credit.

  19. That would be "Ramble On". One of my very favorites.

    "How years ago in days of old, when magic filled the air, t'was in the darkest depths of Mordor, I met a girl so fair, but Gollum, and the evil one crept up and slipped away with her."

    I think that's cool.

  20. i don't think the "shite song" means anything. in fact, if i recall, robert plant said that they wrote it in a matter of a couple of hours in a cabin. (bron-y-aur, i believe?)

    and the fact that it has been overplayed, while taking away from it's specialness, doesn't, for me, take away from it's importance in starting a musical genre that has become an industry staple. the POWER BALLAD.

    without stairway to heaven, there would be no classics such as "home sweet home", "wanted dead or alive", "sweet child o' mine", "love bites", "i remember you", or "nothing else matters" just to name a few. and what a sad world this would be without these fabulous songs.

    "summer of '69" is a good song. so BA's not a complete blacklist like, say, journey, reo speedwagon, or styx.

  21. as well as the "battle of evermore" -

    "the ringwraiths ride in black."

  22. Jon - I do think we would still have power ballads even without STH...but then again, do we really need them? ;-)

    (Kidding, of course. Well, sort-of.)

  23. WOW! This must be the LZ experts page:)

    I surely hope that STH is not responsible for such abomonations as Cherie by that dude from Styx or Journey,( I forget which) I thought that Foreigner were the kings of the power ballad?

  24. Monk - I like your god, if that his/her penance :)

    I see that this overrated overblown piece of tripe has been played so many times in the US that back to back it would run for 44 years solid. Now, that's my idea of hell.

    Jon - I presume that's Motley Crue's 'Home Sweet Home' you're talkinga bout? Classic? snigger :)

    When I read your comment, Love Bites was playing on the radio. Now, thar's a classic :)

    Erin - yes, power ballads, they just ... well, they make you feel dirty, don't they? Not as dirty as admitting to loving a Bryan Adams song, but still, there's something ... manipulative about a power ballad :) (Although, aherm, Open Arms by Journey is in my top 100, but that's all the confession I'm doing today :)

    Did Styx sing that song When i'm With You, with that weird Gerry G doll in the film clip?

  25. Okay, one more confession: I really like Babe by Styx too.


  26. My God. Looking at it all there in black and white - Bryan Adams song, Babe (and I also love Open Arms by Journey) ... my inner romantic is really pathetic :(

  27. Im happy to say that the only reason I have heard of styx or journey is watching 2am time life infomercials:)

  28. My turn for a confession. When I'm With You was by Sheriff.

    Hell if I'm going to explain how I know that ;-)

  29. Oh and anything Def Leppard through and including Hysteria is a winner in my book. After that I'm not sure what happened....didn't they get old or something?

  30. Well, I bow down to your musical coolness, Urbanmonk. I pray you still keep me on your blogroll now you know how uncool I am :)

    Erin - great. That stupid bloody song is going through my head now. "When I'm with you, with you, with you, with you. When I'm with you." I always wanted to grab that doll and break it's neck.

    I love Hysteria but I think I love Pyromania even more. I hope they're not too old to play, cos I'm going to see them in November :)

  31. wooooh now nelly...who's having a go at Journey!! I love that band, and I love Steve Perry's voice (Did you mean "Oh Sherry" monk?)
    Styx..pffft, someone should throw them in it! they were responsible for Mr Roboto! ;)

  32. Thankyou for sharing your confessions - now say 3 Hail Mary's and get along.

    (bring back Billie Piper - DESTROY!!!DESTROY!!!DESTROY!!!)

  33. I agree, Pyromania was the best.

    And Killroy, Killroy...someone really ought to kill Styx, or at least their music. Them and Rush. There, I said it. Feel free to throw stones.

  34. Agh! Mr Roboto! LOL.

    I don't know who Billie Piper or Rush are neither, which could perhaps be betraying my ignorance or displaying my Antipodeanness, I'm not sure :)

    Thanks everyone for playing musical nazis with me. It's always fun :)

  35. Sue! Your ex-hubby had a thing for Billie Piper dont you remember? She was Dr Who's sidekick for a while (up until a year or so ago) she used to be a Brit pop star.

  36. My ex-hubby had a thing for everyone :) Is that the dark-skinned girl? She's on it at the moment, if it's her. Yeah, I can understand that. I've almost got a thing for her myself :)

  37. we may very well have power ballads without STH, but would we have the same ones? there are several that would not have come forth without the influcence of STH. choices and circumstances seem to be very specific at times for spawing certain things. for example, i wasn't going to add "love bites" to the list of PBs to share, because i don't really like it a whole lot. but the spirit nudged me and said "do it." how was i to know that it would be playing in the background on the opposite side of the globe at precisely the moment when sue decided to read this? i didn't. but i'm glad sue shared so that i could see the whole picture. the odds on something like that happening are so great that i just can't chalk up that sort of thing to chance. especially when i was asked to do so. apparently someone had a greater point to prove in all of this, and show their ability to order things. which is fascinating to me.

    (did you know that heavy metal is the result of choices made, and results spawned, by christopher columbus and world war 2?)

    "when i'm with you" is a FABULOUS song to sing in the car. alone.

  38. Well, imagine if we didn't have STH and power ballads had come forth, as they surely would have, via some other song? How do we know that the existence of STH hasn't sent power ballads on the rocky road to Home Sweet Home? LOL (sorry, couldn't resist).

    Maybe there is a parallel universe where Led Zeppelin wrote something brilliant and good instead of bongish tripe and music was 3 million times better than it is now? Huh? Huh?

    Heavy metal, Christopher Columbus and WW2, huh? This sounds like a fabulous blog post :) Go on, blogaboudit :)

    (That was pretty weird how Love Bites was playing when I read your comment. S-p-o-o-k-y :)

  39. Jon - I get what you're saying. In fact, confession time again, years ago we bought a two disc set of nothing but power ballads. Heaven by Warrant is still one of my favs. I just never liked STH.

    Please tell me what Chris Columbus and WWII have to do with metal.

    Sue - You have never heard of Rush? You're kidding. I think I would be happier if I had never heard of them either, considering every third song on the classic rock station here is a Rush song.

  40. Erin - well, *sigh* another confession time, I love Heaven by Warrant as well. But hey, like everything,I'm overrepresenting the cheesy power ballads I love and therefore distorting my musical taste (she said, grasping madly for musical credibility). I think I'm gonna go away and listen to System of a Down for a while :)

    Naw, never heard of that thar band.

  41. "Why don't you ask the kids at Tiananmen square? Was Fashion the reason why they were there?..."

    Ironic, considering....

  42. if you are truly interested, then i will make a post complete with "8x10 color glossy pictures with the circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one explaining how it was to be used as evidence against us." the story of metal is, to me, an fascinating history filled with providence. yet, it would take more time to tell than i wish to tie up dear sue's comments page.

    HUGE hair metal fan growing up. hit me square in junior high. bon jovi, poison, skid row, white lion... the list could stretch for miles if we REALLY wanted to get into it. confession time. once, i saw white lion open for stryper. my parents actually made me write a letter to stryper in advance of the show to ask what kind of a band white lion was morally and if they thought it was okay for me to see them.

    i got a response about 5 years later and it had nothing to do with that.

    sue - really? never heard of Rush? ever? (blink blink...dumbfounded look) tom sawyer? yyz? spirit of the radio? freewill? limelight?

    seriously... none of that rings a bell? i know that they're canadian and you're an austrailite, but that's no reason to not let bygones be bygones. especially not with tremendous aural pleasure at stake.

    please disregard erin's negative criticism over things this band cannot control. namely being overplayed in her area. if you've never heard them, look into them. they're worth it. ;-P

  43. Did White Lion sing Little Fighter? I loved hair bands as a late teenager :) My cousin and I used to ring up the Slaughter Hotline from the local telephone box. Haha :)

    Nope. Never heard of Rush. Never. Never ever ever! I might YouTube them then, Jonno :)

    Stryper. Oh. Dear :)

  44. haha yes White Lion sang "Little Fighter" I still think Slaughter had good songs compared to most :) I still love Winger's Miles Away too! What was the lead guy's name, Kip?
    Ive heard of Rush, but thats it, I dont know any of their songs that I know of.

  45. Jon's right on my negative comments about Rush. Anyhow, maybe I just haven't heard the *right* Rush. Kinda like Nine Inch Nails, right Jon? I do tend to judge a band by what gets airplay and if it gets too much airplay I won't even give it a chance. But for many bands their best stuff never gets on the radio.

    Anyhow, I can't comprehend that "Sue the music Goddess" hasn't heard of Rush. I thought Rush had even been heard on Mars.

    Slaughter's "Spend my Life" is my husband's and my song.

    White Lion's "When the Children Cry" used to make me cry.

    Anyone ever hear Kip Winger and Fiona do "You're Sexing Me"?

  46. "Spend My Life" - aww, how sweet, being all romantic to the striden sound of Mark Slaughter singing, "Yeah, yeah, yeah!!" Hehe :) (He's cute).

    No, never heard Kip and who's Fiona? doing that romantic-sounding song :) It sounds like a song a chicken could sing :)

  47. in all seriousness, rush is really a music geeks' type band. all the guys are such fantastic technical musicians that it can be very heady shit.

    but if that gets you off it's worth a throw.

    and yes erin, EXACTLY like NIN. speaking of, have you listened to more of them at all since i've been trying so hard to gently shove them down your throat? :-)

    slaughter came around as i was losing interest in hair metal. and once firehouse came around, i was done. i DO remember my mom driving my girlfriend and i home after a movie once and we held hands to the soft whisper of motley crue's "without you."

    the song that is what my wife and i would call our song is "in your eyes" by peter gabriel. now there's a great fucking song.

  48. Or a great fucking cliché. Depending how you look at it. ;-)

    No I haven't listened to any more NiN. Well, I take that back, I did listen to that stuff they released for free last spring. Wasn't that I can't even remember. So in a nutshell, not really. But thanks for trying.


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