Musical interlude

Monday 18 August 2008

Welcome to the Boomtown - David & David

Do you remember this song? I just had this urge to listen to it. Five minutes later, in this gratifying society, thusly I did. I love the singer's voice (who I presume is called David. Or is it David?)

I remember I used to half sing the lyrics to this song. I used to sing, "All that money makes such a circular sound" and didn't really think about how that doesn't make sense, except to think that I wasn't thinking about it enough to know what he was singing about. KNow what I mean?

But "All that money makes such a succulent sound" makes much more sense. I love the word 'succulent'. It sounds like it's succulent, you know? Whereas the word 'succinct' - well, it's not, is it? That gloopy double 'c' thing in the middle makes it feel as if it's got 14 syllables. The extra 'c' on the end just further complicates the situation.

It gets complicated in my head.

Which leads me to Herman's Head. I loved that show so much. I want to buy it on DVD. I loved the slobby guy haha. 'Cause I have one of them in my head.

I thought of this song, Welcome to the Boomtown, that I haven't thought about for years, because I was just watching TV and there was a show on about Port Hedland, a mining boom town in Western Australia, and I didn't feel like watching it and turned it off. But then it translated into a song. As Radio Susie does all the live long day.

See how it goes? Now I'll be singing Working on the Railroad for a while.

But then, maybe it will morph into Working in the Coalmine (Devo). Then I'll be singing about a metaphorical Canary in a Coalmine (The Police).

And so it goes on. All. Day. Long.

Like the wheels on the bus.


  1. Hehe :) Yep, darlin', me too :)

    It's kinda funny if I sit all Zenlike and just observe and laugh.

  2. Uck, I hated that show lol. I can't believe it lasted for like three seasons. But I noticed that Yeardsley Smith (the voice of Lisa Simpson) was in it.

    I spent the 90's watching Star Trek rofl, what a geek.

  3. Yes, she was in it. So cute she is :)

    Star Trek? You geek! I wasted mine watching Melrose Place (it was an indulgence like eating junk food)


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