O Impermanence!

Friday, 23 January 2009

by Betty Fritsch, seen over at Barbara's

Standing in my evening vestibule
wrapped in fading light
I push Chronos out the door firmly.
Your time is up, I say
as I usher in my dear friend Kairos,
pulling her into a welcoming embrace.

Goodbye clock time,
tick-as-you-must time,
Hello grace time,
Swirling-spirals-of-sense time.
Set-my-heart-free time is
past due today.

Come in!
I know you cannot stay long
and I so yearn
to spend some moments wisely
in your comforting company.

Advise me,
Hour of wisdom's beginning.
Impart your secrets of forgiveness,
Drench me with your sacred silence.
Remind me of my own steadfast spirit!

Reveal my task for this hour,
And then be on your way,
dear friend!
Move swiftly as I long
to clothe myself in your certainty,
to detain you forever as my faithful guide.

But alas, even you must be surrendered!


  1. let's hear it for kairos!!!

  2. Let's give it a hand.
    Let's hear it for our baby
    You know you gotta understand.

    Sigh. How does one go about deleting songs from ones brain that one hates so as to make room to remember where the hell you put the remote? :)

  3. You chase it with another bad song....

    Old fashioned superstitions
    I find too hard to break
    Oh maybe you're out of place

    What's good enough for you
    Is good enough for me
    It's good enough
    It's good enough for me
    Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

  4. O, you provocative witch :)

    Actually, whats even more annoying is that I don't actually KNOW the lyrics to that song, and I had to look them up to see what song you were referring to, haha :)

    Yeah. Its even more annoying because I don't get variety in my singing of that song. It's just the chorus, over and over again, with a major focus on the "yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah" bit.


  5. I get what you mean about the lyrics. I looked them up so I could torment you with them, but they didn't seem right to me, so I had to actually LISTEN to it to be sure. So trust me, I am more tormented than you are now! LOL

    But anyhow, that song, it really like time warps me at light speed...to a very weird time in life. And you know, it actually charted higher in Australia than the US, so it is probably even more so for you. But you know what's super scary? When I see that on TV with my kids or whatever, I think, damn, Sean Astin was soooo young...then I remember he's virtually the same age as I am (and you). Was I really that young in 1985? Good grief.

    And that's enough existential ranting on your blog for one day.


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