Feels Good/Feels Bad

Friday 22 May 2009

  • Friday night - feels good
  • Working tomorrow - feels bad
  • Wearing my 'claymaking' clothes - feels good
  • Procrastinating - feels bad
  • Halfway through a new sculpture - feels good
  • Tonight is the medical procedure that involves removing the top of the head - feels bad
  • Believing that God is here - feels good
  • Not feeling God close personally - feels bad
  • Feeling ready to get out and date - feels good
  • Still feeling a bit uncomprehending and bruised about what wasn't - and wondering why the hell I take things so personally - feels bad
  • Looking forward to the future - feels good
  • Feeling old and ugly and undesirable - feels bad
  • Philosophical about said feeling old and ugly and undesirable - feels good
  • Beginning to want to avoid looking in mirrors but still too vain to avoid looking in mirrors - feels bad
  • Get off listening to iPod on the train - feels illegal - feels good
  • Inappropriate smiling and feeling happy on public transport - feels bad
  • Earning overtime money tomorrow - feels good
  • Missing out on hanging out with Debbie for a sleepover and a biannual baby spliff tomorrow - feels bad
  • Being unable to have a biannual baby spliff tomorrow - feels good
  • Being unable to have a biannual baby spliff tomorrow - feels bad
  • Philosophical and enjoying learning lessons about things that feel bad - feels good
  • Bit of an overemphasis sometimes on wanting to feel good - feels bad
  • Feeling good about feeling bad (in a Richard Rohr 'Everything Belongs' fashion) - feels good
  • Thinking about K sleeping out in the cold - feels bad
  • Considering taking up an offering of sorts for her at work - feels good
  • Not sure how it will be taken at work - hate the 'do-gooder tag' - feels bad
  • Refusing to feel guilty about the fact that I *do* have a roof over my head - feels good
  • Wanting to help everyone and completely unable to - feels bad
  • Coming to the end of this post and about to go to playroom - feels good :)
  • Particularly self-absorbed post this one - feels bad


  1. Knowing someone else feels the same way - feels good.
    Knowing that the way I feel sometimes reflects on my state of soul - feels bad.
    Knowing I am loved by God nonetheless - feels good.
    Thought up two "feels good" and one "feels bad" - feels OK. ;)

  2. as per the Richard Rohr comment, everything belongs

    if there was no feel bad, how would we know if something felt good :)

  3. What's a baby spliff?

    This post made me feel good...and bad. But mostly good cause I love your honesty, insight and

    (Is it illegal to listen to an ipod on the train?)

  4. Barefoot Barbara - it always strikes me when I write something and then someone else can relate because they feel the same way. What's the deal with that, thinking you're the only person in the universe to feel that way?

    Being so narcissistic that you think you'e the only person in the universe feeling a particular way - feels stupid :)

    Kel - yeah, I agree. I wonder, if the bad wasn't there, would I still get teh bubbles of excitement? Are they only in reaction to not feeling bad, or does feeling good have its own stratosphere? (I wonder about a perceived future time where no evil exists - what would good feel like in that situation?)

    Barbara - I hate to admit (feels bad) that a baby spliff is a small joint filled with illegal marijuanic substances :(

    No, it's not illegal to listen to an ipod on the train (see, I was listening to my portable newfangled mp3 player :) But it IS somewhat socially illegal to be orgasmically excited on public transport ;)


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