Newfangled Technology

Thursday, 21 May 2009

I can feel it beginning. The tiny tear between me and technology which in 20 years time will have evolved to a chasm that will have me flung up on a cultural rock, in exile :)

The tear is beginning with this newfangled digital technology where people's music collections exist not in CD towers but on their hard drives. And so some people are actually replacing their CD collections, taking them digital and virtual. Which is sort of cool in one way - transportable music, music of the spheres existing ... well, sort of more in the spheres, inhabiting only a tiny little file on your computer or your iPod. Spiritual, mon.

Me, I'm still recovering from albums. I need the tangibility, you know? I miss sitting down with that cool sized album, the liner notes, the lyrics, the artwork. I have to make concessions with CDs as it is, those tiny little things that make my eyes fall out trying to read the 6 point lyric type. Bah!! And so here I am sitting down and staying fast. I'm not going into greater intangibility. Me and CDs are where I part ways with the prevailing.

The benefit to me out of all of this is that the people who are selling their CD collections are doing it for cheap. This week so far I have purchased or am in the process of purchasing albums by Tori Amos, Sinead O'Connor, Ben Harper, Counting Crows & Clannad. Most of which are, like, a dollar. Whee!

I'm getting old. There's no two ways about it, hmmph.


  1. I love the portability of mp3s, but I still have a huge collection of albums. I am happy that vinyl has been making a comeback...just last year, after years of idleness, I outfitted my turntable with a new needle so I could spin some.

    And yes, we're getting old. Hmmph.

  2. PS If you two are getting old what does that make me? Please don't answer that question.

  3. SueZQ! DO NOT even think about trying to recover from albums, vinyl will always remain the purest format ever for rock and roll. Its making a huge comeback here in the states. On the other hand...get with it girl! You don't have an MP3 player! I would die without my Pod!


  4. PS: Erin what 80s stuff have you got on vinyl? Regale me and make me laugh :)

    PSS: I got your email. Just thinkin on it a bit till I respond :)

  5. Erin - yeah, when I get a decent stereo, I'm gonna get a turntable too. Godo thankin'

    Barbara - vinyl is the purest, isn't it? Deeper sound. It's making a comeback here too.

    Oh, I do have an MP3 player. It's just that I'm not content with simply having new stuff I buy only on digital. I need that tangible little piece of plastic and paper and ... whatever CDs are made out of. Metal? *scratches head* What are CDs made out of?

    You are mellowing, you know, like a good red wine :)

  6. Barbara - I will say that if in the way that 40 is better than 30, 50 is better than 40, I'm looking forward to it. I feel wiser, stronger, more whole, more real, more alive at this age than ever before.

    And Sue...what do I have on vinyl...lots of Tears for Fears (all their albums, singles, extended versions, and specialty releases), Thompson Twins, Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, lots of INXS, and tons of oddball stuff. I'd have to go look. Generally speaking, I didn't buy albums if they artist was played on the radio all the time, I bought the stuff they played once and never again. I'm sure I could crack you up.

  7. Getting old, getting left behind due to the pace of life ... becomming an old fart - ME!!! And to be honest I don't care I'm being left behind.


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