Lemonade stand

Saturday 14 January 2012

Four lanes of traffic in peak hour.  You wait to turn onto the busy road.  On the other side, two kids stand at a lemonade stand.

"Delicious lemonade!" You manage to decipher her yells through the cars.  Shrieks, really.  It is rather cute for the first 10 seconds.

It takes you several minutes to get onto the road.  The busy traffic is frazzling.  People drive so aggressively here.

The little girl has learned to spruik by watching TV ads of shrieking men selling Persian rugs.  You feel ashamed that a cute little kid selling lemonade can stress you out.

But everything is so damn loud.


  1. or perhaps by hearing the men spruik at the vegetable markets .....

    do i detect a new office situation?

  2. No, no new office situation.  Just out playing in the traffic :)

  3. No, not a fan of loud. Admire the kid's initiative but do it quietly.

    But I suppose you wouldn't be writing about them is they were quiet.

  4. Or maybe they would have looked even sweeter contrasted with the noisy road :)

    Thanks for dropping by, Cosmo


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